Vendron® Board

Silkron Vendron Board is a bundle of Vendron software optimized on embedded hardware, to enable the vending manufacturer with rapid and cost-effective implementation of smart vending capabilities on to their vending machines.

Vendron Board can be easily configured with touch display, payment devices and other peripherals.

[Succeeded by Vendron Board 2]

Technical Specification

Smart Vending Software
Vendron®, on Linux operating system, ready to connect to Vendron Cloud.
Intel® Atom® processor E3825 (1.33GHz, 1M cache)
Memory & Storage
DDR3 2GB & eMMC 32GB
USB 3.0 x 1
USB 2.0 x 1
Mic In + Line Out x 1
LAN RJ45 x 2
(Gigabit Ethernet)
COM port x 5 (RS-232)
Integrated Intel® HD Graphics, 533MHz
base frequency
- VGA connector x 1
- HDMI connector x 1
Power Supply
DC +12V (Included AC Adaptor 36W)
Vending Data Interface
EVA-DTS / DEX / UCS (via COM port)
Not Available
108.5 x 100 mm
Not Available (Mobile connectivity can be added as separate module connected via LAN cable)
Optional Interfaces

Please get in touch with us to know more about our Vendron Board and how it can assist you in your smart vending machine deployment.

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A vending machine maker in China
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