Vendron® API
Time to market is an utmost important factor in every industry. Silkron® provides Vendron® API that incorporates a rich set of application programming interface (API) and tools. The Vendron API allows smart vending applications, plugins and interactive contents to be developed and expanded on either Windows or Linux operating systems.

Vending companies and system integrators will have the ability to write or customize applications and integrate to Vendron platform based on the Vendron® API. By leveraging on the Vendron API, vending machine manufacturers and system integrators can also rapidly convert their existing conventional vending machines into the intelligent ones, integrated with the advanced smart capabilities and functionalities.
Vendron software platform is a plugin-based framework, in which all functionality and features are developed as plugins and installed to the platform. Using our Vendron API, new plugins can be developed for new functions or applications, integrating / interfacing new hardware, customization or personalization of the user interactivity and so much more in any supported programming languages.

Vendron software platform also has built-in digital signage playback, scheduling and content management and it's ready to be managed from Vendron Cloud. It also provides video analytics: to recognize gender and age groups, which can be applied for various usage models. It can be configured to make recommendation to specific products based on the users' demographics in front of the camera. For example, the system can recommend diet coke to a female user of young adult or energy drink to male adult This feature can also be utilized to apply sales campaign that is targeting specific user group based on their age or gender.

New screen elements can be added with new plugins, such as fancy widgets, interactive fun games, customer engagement, social networking and anything that comes out of your unlimited creative ideas.

In some scenarios where you need to implement a special purchase flow or new hardware integration, a Vendron plugin can be developed to be injected to Vendron performing the specific purchase flow (for instance, purchase of mobile top-up that require validation of phone numbers and communicating with a telco's backend server, or integrating employee / member card for special discount or subsidies, and any others).

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Please get in touch with us to know more about our Vendron® API and how it can assist you in your Smart Vending Machine and Payment Kiosk development and Retrofit.