Project Portfolios

We have many other clients in different parts of the world, operating and growing together. Since early development, we’ve been working hard on our Vendron platform to bring to the vending operators the most cutting edge smart vending software and services. The aim of our company is to provide the vending operator and machine manufacturers with the necessary tools to explore undiscovered opportunities, in line with our corporate mission "To enable smart vending for the vending machines around the world and get them connected".

Project Portfolios Connecting Vending Machines

& Many More

United Arab Emirates smart vending machines schools

United Arab Emirates


smart vending machines for schools

Australia smart vending machine gym



smart vending machine inside gym

Malaysia smart vending machines hospital



smart vending machines inside hospital

Nigeria elecricity vending kiosk



elecricity vending kiosk

Please get in touch with us to know more how our smart vending and automated retail solutions can assist you in your vending and self-service retail operations.